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Batavia Parks Foundation Mission Statement:

To foster recreation and open space initiatives that enhance residents' quality of life.  

Visit www.bataviaparksfoundation.org for more information! Interested in becoming a Parks Foundation Board Member? Submit an application and come to share your experience & skills, by contributing to this organization! 

"I sat on the foundation board for over 14 years and found great satisfaction and fulfillment from serving the community. The reason I become involved and volunteered was, to “give back”.  Batavia is a special town, and it is a great place to raise a family, socialize, play and learn.  As such, I wanted to support an organization that promotes and enhances community spirit and living a healthier lifestyle.  The Batavia Parks Foundation is here to serve through the advancement of recreation, a celebration of diversity, stewardship of the environment and enhancement of every citizen's quality of life.  Foundation projects and programs mirror my philosophy of providing service with meaning and impact." - Matt Ellman, former Parks Foundation Board Member

"I joined the Batavia Parks Foundation in early 2012. As a resident since 2008, I was looking for an opportunity to get more connected with the community and use my financial skills in the process. One of the main reasons my family decided to live in Batavia was the proximity to the Fox River and the abundance of parks and open spaces. The riverwalk the bandshell are two special places to me. When I saw an add on a community website looking for board members and realized this was the organization that helped deliver these great additions to the community, I knew this was the place for me. 
Since joining the Batavia Parks Foundation we've added the West Main disc golf course and reconstructed the Boardwalk and I couldn't be prouder to a part of this valuable community organization." -Dave DiVerde, former Parks Foundation Board Member

 "I was a volunteer for the Riverwalk Boardwalk Renovation and grew to feel very passionate about the work we were doing (mission and the fact that all work and supplies were completed with volunteer hands and dollars). I loved the people I worked with and their dedication to the project and organization so when I was asked to become a member I did not need to consider too long. My primary reasons for joining, in addition to those mentioned, were to understand more of what the organization did, assist with future recreational/outdoor projects, and become a more active member of my community."
-Sarah Ryerson, current Parks Foundation Secretary

2019 Parks Clean-up Days 

Save the date for these volunteer opportunities in 2019:

  • Saturday, June 1
  • Saturday, August 3
  • Saturday, October 5

(no rain dates)

Casino Night Fundraiser
Saturday, October 26 
7-10 pm in Shannon Hall 

Come join the Batavia Parks Foundation at the first annual Casino Night fundraiser! We are a 501(c)3 that works with the Batavia Park District on projects to enhance our community including the Batavia Riverwalk, Peg Bond Center, the Space Net, and the Engstrom Park baseball field. This fundraiser will allow us to continue to fund area projects.

Our theme is 80's Night, so we'd love to see you with your throwback mullet or 80's sky-high hairdo. But while attending Casino Night sporting your favorite 80's fashion is optional, the fun is not. Come enjoy the DJ, full bar, appetizers and favorite casino games, all for $70 (one drink ticket included). You must be 21 or over to attend.Take a chance for a good cause, plus it's guaranteed to be a good time. More details can be found at bataviaparksfoundation.org.

Interested in volunteering? Please visit our volunteer page.                  

  1. To act as a fundraising and investment mechanism in support of the mission.
  2. To explore and create partnerships.
  3. To be inclusive of all segments of the community.
  4. To advocate and develop responsible stewardship of the communities, parks and open spaces.
  5. To promote and support recreational programs and services.
  6. To be a resource for the Batavia Park District Board of Commissioners. 

Since its inception in 2005, the Batavia Parks Foundation has raised more than $500,000 in funds and completed a number of capital projects. They continue to search for ways to raise funds and to complete projects that will enhance the community.

The return of the Spacenet – dedicated summer 2010

The Peg Bond Center Performing Arts Pavilion – dedicated in summer 2011

The funding of equipment for an 18-hole Disc Golf Course – dedicated in summer 2013

The renovation of the boardwalk at the Batavia Riverwalk – dedicated in fall 2014

The funding of a bulldog statue to serve as the base for the new Pet Memorial Program – dedicated in summer 2015

The success of the Bulldogs Unleashed 2.0 public art fundraising campaign, raising $22,962 for the Foundation in 2018

The application of a new field lime material to Engstrom Family Park Ball field in 2019


What is the Leisure-ship Program?

The Leisure-ship Program is a scholarship program created by the Batavia Parks Foundation in an effort to provide individuals in need of financial assistance the funding to participate in Park District programs.

Who benefits from it?

Any qualified family or individual in financial need of assistance within the jurisdiction of the Batavia Park District (residents only). The qualifications are evaluated through the Park District Scholarship Program and the application process is managed by the Director of Community Recreation.

Where does the funding come from?

The Leisure-ship Program is fully funded by donations. These donations may be from Park District participants, local residents, merchants, or even those outside the park district jurisdiction who may want to donate to a good cause.

How can I make a donation?

Our current registration form has a small section asking residents if they would like to donate to the program scholarship fund of the Batavia Parks Foundation. At this time, when a resident checks the appropriate box stating they would like to donate to this fund, the noted (tax deductible) amount is added to their total amount due. Once a donation has been made, the donation will then be separated out from the Park District's registration fee and then sent to the Parks Foundation for distribution.

The Batavia Parks Foundation needs your help!

As a nonprofit 501(C)3 organization, we depend upon your contributions of time, talent, and donations to continue improving and enhancing the entire parks system. Because clean, safe, and active parks are essential to building strong communities, your support impacts not only Batavia 's precious natural resources, but also the citizens' quality of life.

To get started, choose a Fund in which you would like to contribute a green gift:

  • Youth Fund
    Supports "Leisureship" funding for Park District programs/activities benefiting those less fortunate;
  • Memorial Fund
    Recognizes a loved one with a tree planting/naming in their honor;
  • Preservation Fund
    Revitalizes facilities like Fidler Farm and preserves open space areas like the Wetlands;
  • Parks Fund
    Acts as a support fund for new maintenance equipment, land management, and open space.


Contact Steve McKenna at (630) 204-7943