Parks & Facilities

Capital Development Plan Highlights

  Park  Year 
Amenities  Highlights 
CDH - Engstrom Playground  Engstrom Playground

  • New 2 - 5 and 5 - 12 year old play structures.
Playground Funded partially by a State DCCA grant of $50,000. Replaced a heavily used structure at one of the District's busiest parks. 
CDH - FIdler playground  Fidler Farm Park

  • 2 - 12 year old play structure including swings, benches and landscape give a farming theme. 
Playground and interpretive sign and nearby barn help give a rural feeling to this play area. 
CDH - Big Woods 1  Big Woods  2002 
  • Renovated youth baseball field.
  • Renovated softball field.
  • Re-paved basketball court.
  • New 2 - 12 year playground including swings.
  • Installed a 40 x 40 ft. shelter.
  • Upgraded and expanded the multi-use path.
  • Upgraded and expanded the parking lot. 
The new larger shelter and playground enhance this park's use by large group picnic rentals. 
CDH - Fidler Shelter  Fidler Farm Park
  • Installed a barn themed picnic shelter near the playground area. 
Large shelter complements the farm theme of the park and provides an ideal opportunity for residents to hold family or community picnics. 
CDH - Prairie Path  Prairie Path Park  2002 
  • Large 2 - 5 and 5 - 12 year old play grounds including swings installed.
  • Three skate park elements were installed.
  • Batavia Youth Baseball funded the installation of a premier level baseball field.
  • Two large picnic shelters with electricity were installed.
  • Asphalt path through the park connecting the Prairie Path to the neighborhood to the south of the park.
  • Space for two full size and one half size soccer fields were developed. 
This park was developed with the aid of Batavia School District 101. The School District provided land cash funds for development in exchange for use of the park for P.E. and other educational purposes. 
CDH - Riverwalk  Riverwalk South Plaza  2002 
  • Low stone seat walls and garden areas of native grasses and flowers installed.
  • Custom poles installed to display banners announcing seasonal programs. 
The plaza provides a peaceful yet colorful starting or ending point for a trip around the beautiful Riverwalk. The floral Teleidoscope and the pedestrian bridge are favorites of the community. 
CDH - Blackard Skate  Blackard Skate-N-Bike Park  2002 & 2006 
  • Equipment installed to be enjoyed by the skateboard and rollerblade users in the community.
  • Bike Park area installed in 2006. Equipment designed for use by BMX and trick bike riders. 
After several years of requests by the community the Park District was able to provide an area to be used by boarders and bikers. Both areas were designed and then selected by a group of youth and adults from the "rolling" community in Batavia. 
CDH - Fidler barn  Fidler Farm Barn Renovation  2003 
  • Unstable portions of mid-19th century barn removed.
  • Timber frame structure in main part of barn renovated.
  • New wooden shake shingle roof installed.
  • New bright white paint job given to exterior of barn. 
The work performed was necessary to stop the barn from further deteriorating. This project also provided some much needed storage space for the Park District. 
CDH - Jones  Jones Meadow Park  2003 
  • Asphalt walking path.
  • Accessible 2 - 5 and 5 - 12 year old playground areas including swings.
  • Large green lawn area to be used for free and open play. 
This park acts as the eastern terminus for a multi-use path that extends from the playground area to the west approximately 1.5 miles. 
CDH - Payne  Payne Woods Park  2003 
  • Accessible 2 - 5 and 5 - 12 year old playground areas including swings.
  • Faux rock climbing structure.
  • Soft surface walking path.
  • Asphalt access path.
  • Two bridges that span a small wetland area. 
The acceptance of this property from a developer insured that a beautiful six acre stand of oak, maple and hickory trees were preserved. The playground and paths were designed into the site in a way that caused the least amount of impact to the hardwood trees. The park was named for the original settler of the Batavia area, Christopher Payne. 
CDH - Memorial Park  Memorial Park Playground  2004 
  • Large 2 - 5 and 5 - 12 year old play areas including swings.
  • New flag pole installed.
  • Utility building remodeled. 
The new playground was designed with consideration of the heavy amount of use it receives. The playground, flagpole and utility building have brought this well used park into the 21st century due to their design and accessibility to all. The park was rededicated to the memory of all Batavians who have served this country in the armed forces. 
CDH - Wind Energy Park  Wind Energy Park  2004 
  • Accessible 2 - 5 and 5 - 12 year old play areas including a swing set.
  • Small picnic shelter.
  • Asphalt path.
  • Over an acre of open green space for free play. 
Design of this park was achieved with the aid of a very active neighborhood group. The asphalt path that runs through the park provides a convenient connection to two neighboring subdivisions. 
CDH - Walnut  Walnut Park  2005 
  • Accessible 2 - 12 year old play area including swings.
The new play structure replaces an outdated unit from the early 1990's. This project was a result of the Playground Replacement Program which is part of the District's overall Capital Development Program. 
CDH - Hamlet  Hamlet Park  2005 
  • Accessible 2 - 12 year old play area including swings. 
Another of the early 1990's playgrounds to be replaced under the Capital Development Program's playground schedule. 
CDH - Levi  Levi Newton Park  2005 
  • Accessible 2 - 5 and 5 - 12 year old play areas including swings.
  • Small picnic shelter.
  • Asphalt path connecting both ends of the park.
  • Large open green space for free play. 
Saving the remnant of a former nursery allowed this park to start with a substantial stand of mature trees. Following the lead of the developer, the park was named for one of Batavia's early industrialists, Levi Newton. This park is one of five that is shared with The Geneva Park District. 
CDH - Clark Island  Clark Island Recreation Area  2006 
  • Island was cleared and cleaned of invasive brush and trees.
  • Native trees and plant material reestablished on island.
  • Riverbank was re-vegetated with native prairie plants to stabilize the area.
  • Two new bike/pedestrian bridges installed.
  • New playground area established.
  • Path was paved with asphalt.
  • 1930's era shelter and surrounding retaining wall was renovated.
  • Accessible canoe launch area created.
  • Accessible fishing station installed.
  • Bike Park installed as companion to Skate Park. 
New bridges made this critical bike path crossing of the river much safer for the biking public.

Re-stabilization of riverbanks will help slow the rate of erosion from the river. Overall health of the island is much better due to removal of invasive brush and trees. Renovation of shelter will help it remain viable for many generations to come. 
CDH - Washington  Washington Park  2006 
  • Accessible 2 - 12 year old play area including swings. 
A third 1990's play structure was replaced under the Capital Development Program.
CDH - Wild  H. Michael Wild Park  2006 
  • Accessible 2 - 5 and 5 - 12 year old play areas including swings.  
The playground at this park, which was developed in 1991, was renovated according to the 15 year replacement plan that is part of the Capital Development Program. 
CDH - Hawks 

Hawks' Bluff Park





  • Accessible 2 - 5 and 5 - 12 year old play area including swings.
  • Asphalt surface play court featuring a tennis practice wall and a half court basketball court.
  • Large picnic shelter.
  • Drinking fountain.
  • Both asphalt and wood chip walking paths through heavily wood site.
  • Challenge course area for use by groups.
  • Permeable paver parking lot.
  • A "council ring" for use by program groups.
  • Small amphitheater area for group programming use.
  • Accessible fishing deck on Mill Creek.
  • All limestone pathways were paved with asphalt to prevent damage from rain storms. 
This park site, an oak savannah remnant, is the most ecologically diverse site in the Batavia Park System. Featuring a creek system, wetland system, and upland woods the site provides a beautiful view of nature in all four seasons. 
CDH - Fox Trail  Fox Trail Park  2007
  • Accessible 2 - 12 year old play area includes a mini climbing wall. 
This renovation was funded by the Capital Development Program. 
CDH - South Mill  South Mill Creek Community Park  2007 
  • Large Accessible 2 - 5 and 5 - 12 year old play areas including swings.
  • Sensory Garden including plantings, textured walks, and music panels.
  • Three quarter mile asphalt and one quarter mile crushed limestone walking path.
  • Two doubles size tennis courts.
  • Permeable paver parking lot.
  • Drinking fountain.
  • Large picnic shelter.
  • Five "Fit for Life" exercise stations along asphalt path.
  • Two, half court, basketball areas. 
With a large wetland area as the centerpiece, this community park was planned and constructed to be the most accessible park in the District. The planning process was aided by several agencies that deal with special needs populations as well as a large group of very interested neighbors. This 30 acre park serves a large portion of the District's residents in the far western section of the District. 
CDH - Engstrom Concept  Engstrom Family Park Master Plan  2008 
  • Master renovation plan was created as part of a state grant application. 
The master plan addresses many important issues such as improving parking, a new picnic shelter, a new pathway system, and an upgrade for the baseball field and basketball courts. 
  Batavia's Bark Park  2008 
  • A three acre area at West Main Community Park was fenced and prepared for use as a Bark Park.
  • Parking was expanded by 30 cars to relieve overcrowding.
  • A grass path was installed to allow dogs and their owners a more natural access to the Bark Park.
  • A small shelter was added in 2010 to enhance the owners enjoyment of the Bark Park. 
The Bark Park area is enjoyed by a great number of the District's canine residents. The new shelter appears to have become a gathering spot for Bark Park patrons. 
CDH - Woodland Hills Woodland Hills Park  2008 
  • Accessible 2 -12 year old play area including swings. 
Another playground replacement from the Capital Development Program schedule.
CDH - Prairie and Lathem  Prairie and Lathem Park  2009 
  • New 2 - 5 and 5 - 12 year old play areas including swings.
  • Renovation of all ball field and tennis court fencing.
  • Re-grading and re-seeding of softball outfield.
  • Resurfacing of tennis courts.
  • Resurfacing of parking lot.
  • Creation of three naturalized. areas to help store, filter, and convey storm water.
  • Re-routing and resurfacing of walking path.
  • Creation of a butterfly garden.  
The renovations of the major elements of this park have brought it into the 21st century. The playground at this park is the most heavily used in the District due to it's double duty as the playground for Louise White School. The PTO from the school donated additional funds to add play elements to the new 5 - 12 year old structure. 
CDH - Braeburn  Braeburn Park  2010 
  • New 2 - 12 year old play area including swings.
  • Resurfaced and color coated basketball court.
  • Added drop shot game to court.
  • Corrected drainage problem.
  • Moved handicapped parking stall so it is compliant.
  • Replaced sections of asphalt path with concrete.
  • Seal coated remaining asphalt path.
  • Repaired cracks and seal coated the parking lot.
  • Developed new skinned infield for existing ball field.
  • Installed five new trees. 
While this project started as simply a play equipment replacement, other important issues were addressed. Primarily, a difficult drainage issue and badly needed youth size baseball field were addressed. The new play equipment is also a huge upgrade for this very busy park site. 
  Riverwalk Playground  2010 
  • Accessible 2 - 5 year old play area with musical and spinning play pieces. 
The Riverwalk playground is the second most heavily used playground in the District. This equipment was prioritized in the Capital Development Program schedule due to the extreme wear that had occurred over 13 years of hard use. 
  Saratoga Park 2011
  • Installed new 2-5 & 5-12 play equipment.
  • Installed many new trees.
Included in the work at this park was the correction of site conditions that did not comply with current ADA requirements. 
  Fox River Trail,
103, 217, & 227
South River St. 
  • Acquired and removed three old houses along the trail.
The goal was to open the view corridor from the street to the river. 
  Hall Quarry Beach 2011
  • Installed rubberized fabric liner in the basin of the Quarry.
The liner was installed under the sand in order to slow the loss of water out to the river. 
  Memorial Park
Phase 1 
  • Replaced the tennis court surface, lights and fencing.
  • Installed an asphalt walking path around the park.
  • Repaired and seal coated the parking lot.
This was the first of two phases to renovate the District's major softball/baseball complex.  
  Memorial Park 
Phase 2  
  • Relocated the youth baseball field. 
  • Increased the depth of the adult softball field.
  • Regraded the infield and outfield of the adult softball field.
  • Installed a rain garden to help with drainage on the site.
  • Installed high efficiency lighting system on softball field. 
The two year project brought many improvements to one of the District's highest used parks. 
  Bennett Park 2012
  • New development. 
  • Installed playground equipment, including a six bay swing set.
  • Installed a 16 foot picnic shelter.
  • Added native trees and naturalized landscaping.  
This park is in the North Aurora portion of the District and is the newest park in the District. 
  Millview Park 2012
  • Replaced all play equipment.
  • Repaired concrete pad in the picnic shelter.
  • Seal coated and re-stripped the basketball court. 
  • Installed several new benches. 
The new play equipment brought a fresh new look to a very busy neighborhood park. 
  Fidler Farm Park 2012
  • Removed old farm house.
The old house had become the target of vandalism and was becoming unsafe. 
  Fox River Trail
203 & 223
South River St. 
  • Removed two old houses that were adjacent to the Trail.
The removal of these houses opened up more of the view corridor along the trail. 
  Fox River Trail
Picnic Shelter 
  • Installed a 16 ft. picnic shelter on the site of one of the houses that was razed in 2011.
The site for this shelter was donated to the District for exactly this purpose. 
  Hall Quarry Beach
Diving Tower 
  • Rebuilt the deck that accesses the Quarry Diving Tower.
After 20 years of service, the deck of the Tower was replaced using a wood/plastic hybrid product.
  Fox River Trail 2013
  • Constructed an asphalt access path.
This new path gives safer access to the Fox River Trail from the sidewalk level trail along South River Street. 
  Engstrom Family Park- Phase 1 2014
  • Repaved walking path. 
  • Reconstructed the basketball court.
  • Reconstructed both parking lots.
  • Renovated the picnic shelter.
  • Upgraded electrical system in park.
  • Constructed new port-o-let corral.
  • Constructed two large rain gardens.
  • Planted 25 new trees. 
This was the first of two phases of a long awaited total renovation of this heavily used park. The new path and picnic shelter have been well received by the public. 
  Eastside Recreation Office 2014
  • Installed a new architectural shingle roof.
This new roof will provide protection to this important building for many years to come. 
  Engstrom Family Park- Phase 2  2015
  • Removed and replaced baseball field fencing and backstop.
  • Added new ball mix soil amendment. 
  • Regraded the infield for better drainage.
  • Constructed a 20 ft. picnic shelter adjacent to the playground.
  • Planted 10 more trees.  
This phase completed the renovation of this park. All of the portions of the project in both phases have made this one of the premiere parks in the District. 
  Hartfield Park
Playground Renovation
  • Remove and replace play equipment.
  • Site work to comply with ADA.
  • Repaint shelter.
Hartfield is one of 13 neighborhood parks throughout the District. 
  Engstrom Park
Playground Renovation
  •  Remove and replace play equipment. 
  • Repair drainage in the play area.
 Major features of the park include: a one mile walking/jogging trail, open athletic fields for soccer, a small baseball field, a large playground with a 50 ft. zip line and restrooms
   Shannon Hall
Building Renovation
  •  Remove and replace roof. Masonry/tuck pointing repair. Repair bell tower. 
  • Carpentry repairs/painting. 
 One of the special gems of the Park District, this historic church has been home to hundreds of wedding ceremonies, receptions, anniversaries, birthdays and so much more. Take a look and see for yourself why this building's interior and exterior is truly love at first sight.
  Depot Museum
Building Expansion/Site Design  
  • Design Development of expansion plans. 
  • Concept plan created and accepted by Board of Commissioners and Historical Society Board.  
 The quaint station, built in 1854, which now houses the Batavia Depot Museum, was for a long time the oldest station on the C.B. & Q. line.
  315 South River St.
Demolition of house 
  • Demolish structure.
  • Restoration of site.