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Capital Development Plan

The Capital Development Plan (CDP) is the tool used by the Batavia Park District to plan and fund long range development and re-development projects.

The first generation of this plan, approved in 2001, was made up of 18 projects identified as high priorities by the Park District Board of Commissioners. This first plan, "Growing with Batavia... One Park at a Time", was funded by a 4.1 million dollar bond sale. Over the length of the first generation plan 16 of the 18 identified projects were completed. Due to the success of the first generation of the CDP, a second generation was created. Click the button below to see highlights of all of the completed first and second generation projects. 

Click below for a full listing of proposed projects and a brief description of the projects on the horizon for the District. All costs are estimates, projects are in the proposed priority order and are subject to change.


One of the key elements of both the first and second generation plans as well as all plans going forward is the Playground Replacement Program. The District has scheduled the replacement of each of its playgrounds on a 15 year rotation. Click the button below to view the current schedule. To date 26 playgrounds have been constructed or replaced through the CDP program.