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Park and Playground Replacement Schedule

The Playground Replacement Program is a wonderful program ensuring that Batavia, on average, has two new playgrounds each year. Most folks wonder though, where do the old playgrounds go? And that's where the Kids Around the World Organization comes into the picture. This organization, based out of Rockford, remove, refurbish, restore, and relocate playgrounds all over the world. If you are curious to know where all of Batavia's playgrounds have been sent, parts of Saratoga Park have gone to Lebanon and Jamaica; Millview Park to Botswana; parts of Engstrom Family Park also went to Lebanon and Jamaica; Hartfield Park went to Ecuador; Fidler Farm went to the Philippines, and parts of Prairie Path Park were sent to Fiji and soon to Nepal.




Clark Island Rec Area 2006 2024
Walnut Park 2005 2027
Fox Trail Park 2007 2028
H. Michael Wild Park 2006 2028
Hawks Bluff Park 2007 2029
Woodland Hills Park 2008 2029
So. Mill Creek Com. Park 2008 2030
Prairie and Lathem Park 2009 2030
Breaburn Park and Preserve 2010 2031
Riverwalk (Including Depot) 2010 2031
Saratoga Park 2011 2032
Bennett Park 2012 2032
Millview Park 2012 2033
Hartfield Park 2016 2036
Engstrom Family Park 2016 2036
Fidler Farm Park 2017 2037
Prairie Path Park 2017 2037
Big Woods Park 2018 2038
Payne Woods Park 2018 2038
Jones Meadow Park 2019 2039
Memorial Park 2019 2039
Eastside Community Center 2019 2040
Wind Energy Park 2020 2040

Levi Newton Park



Hamlet Park



Washington Park 2022 2042