Enrichment Program - Frequently Asked Questions

Who is offering and running the Enrichment Program?

The Enrichment Program is offered by the Batavia Park District. We will staff the teacher, provide most supplies, and assist parents with registration. The Batavia Park District is the main contact for any questions or concerns at any time during the program.  The Batavia Park District is contracted by and working closely with the Batavia Public Schools for this program.

Where will the program be held?

This Enrichment Program will run inside each of the elementary schools, with its own classroom. It is our goal to keep your child inside their home school for the full day.

What is the difference between childcare and Enrichment? I want to be sure this isn't glorified daycare.

We could not agree more! We want to be certain all students and parents know that Kindergarten Enrichment is not childcare. This program has been specially designed with the goal of assisting the academic experience of a kindergartner. The certified teacher's purpose is to deliver an organized system that enriches educational advancement. This program is appropriate for children who are ready to move into a full day of engagement in literacy, math, social skills and other various enriching experiences which will help him/her to be successful in school and in life. This program is only appropriate for children who are ready to spend a full school day in a classroom setting.

Who will be teaching this program?

The teachers are all highly qualified Illinois Certified Educators or Administrators with experience in elementary education.

What does the curriculum look like?

Phonemic awareness, fluency, phonics, vocabulary, comprehension and writing will be taught through the use of interdisciplinary units, leveled readers (Reading A-Z), video books (Raz-Kids), Words Their Way, and the Fountas & Pinnell Leveled Literacy Intervention.

Saxon Math Curriculum will be used to explore number sense, counting, classifying objects, shapes, concepts of addition and subtraction, time, and money.

Thematic units such as Body and Senses, Health and Nutrition, Insects and Spiders, Trees, and Weather are taught to explore physical and life sciences supported by a Delta Science Curriculum.

The Enrichment Program will be using the Character Counts program to teach the six pillars of character. If you'd like to familiarize your child with Character Counts prior to the school year, feel free to visit

Art, Music, and Recreation will be a focus to support motor skills through both fine and gross motor activities.

The teachers will follow the Illinois Early Learning Standards for Kindergarten.  There will be no grades and very little testing or homework.

What is the cost?

There is a facility usage fee of $50.  Program tuition costs $2,950.   You can choose to pay the full amount at once or $295 monthly, due on the 1st of each month starting in August and running through May.

How does the tuition and cancellation work for the Enrichment Program?

The Enrichment Program has a tuition rate of $2,950 a year. This is the cost the Park District incurs to commit to educate each student in their classroom. This tuition can be paid in full or may be financed with a monthly installation payment of $295 a month for ten months. If installation payments are chosen, the payments will begin on August 1st and continue until the 1st of May. There are no refunds for this program after the 15th of August, unless a family is relocating to another school district or has been moved by the Batavia School District into a program that conflicts with their ability to attend the Enrichment Program for the full year. In the event that this happens, a reasonable accommodation will be sought after to remedy the amount of tuition owed, however it is the enrollee's responsibility to provide proof of either situation or contact the program administrator to work out a financial agreement and withdrawal from the program.  If paying monthly, the tuition will still be due on the 1st of each month if you personally elect to leave the Enrichment Program.

How are the payments made for this program?

Payments can be made by credit card, debit card, cash, or check. They can be auto debited, mailed or made in person at the Batavia Civic Center.

How do I register?

Registration information will be available at Kindergarten Preview and at the Civic Center at 327 W. Wilson St.

Registration closes with the beginning of the school year, for the remainder of the school year. This educational program works with a structured classroom and a progressive curriculum which requires continuity of class size for the complete school year. Drop in attendance and late or mid-year enrollment is not available for this educational program in order to support its educational mission.

When will I learn who my child's teacher is going to be?

It is our goal to let you know by August 1.  You will not know the section, however, until the school district releases that information.

When will my child find out what section of enrichment he or she is in?

Your child will attend the opposite section of the day from the kindergarten class they are assigned from the School District. For example if the School District assigns AM kindergarten; your child will be dismissed from AM kindergarten to eat lunch in the cafeteria and then be escorted to the enrichment program or vice versa.

What about lunch? What should my child bring for lunch?

Lunch options will be provided through the school district or can be brought to school. Information on your school’s lunch options is available at

What about transportation? What will my child do for transportation to or from the program?

Your child may be picked up or bused.  If your child qualifies for transportation through the school district, they can ride the bus as they would for a full day of school. Please watch the school district routes for bus routes, pick up, and drop off times.

Will my child need anything special for this program?

We anticipate a minimal supply list, possibly including a daily snack. You will receive more information and a list of necessities as the school year nears.

Is there paperwork and where and when will I get it?

After you are registered, you may receive a waiver through the school district that allows both organizations to share important information. The park district will send minimal paperwork as we near the beginning of the school year. Teachers will also send information to the students and we will keep you informed of your Meet and Greet night at your elementary school as the date draws close.

What if I have two children, is there a discount?

This program runs in line with the school district. It stands alone with each student individually. There is not a discount for multiple children.

I hear there is a before and after school program with the Park District. Is this program available to my Kindergartner?

Yes, the Batavia Park District offers a before and after school program called Kids' Club. It is available to all elementary students. We offer 15 different varieties to fit parents' needs. Please see our brochure online at Kids' Club to find the option that best fits your family. There is a discount in this program for multiple family participants.

Whom can I contact if I have questions?

You may contact Becca Atkins, Enrichment Administrator, by phone at 630-406-5282 ext. 2062 or by e-mail at



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