Batavia Park District invites residents to complete community-wide survey

Fri September 29, 2017

Batavia, IL- The Batavia Park District is conducting a community-wide survey to better understand resident’s opinions about its parks, facilities, and programs. The District has selected aQity Research & Insights (an independent research firm) to conduct the survey and they are due to be mailed in early October. Although certain individuals may not live in Batavia, your residence may be a part of the Batavia Park District boundaries.

Whether you frequently use or never use the District parks, facilities, or programs, your opinions are very important and will help the Park District understand how to better serve the community. The District needs your help to address the critical issues within the community - what you think are the priorities and what should be the new vision. Your attitudes, interests, needs and opinions will create a new vision and provide the Park Board and staff with a focused direction in the coming years.

The Park District encourages residents to participate in the opportunity so your voice can be heard. The survey will only take 10-15 minutes to conduct and resident’s will have the option to respond in three ways: by mail, online, or by phone. All answers are confidential and will be grouped with all responses.

If you have questions, need more information, or have technical issues upon receiving the survey, please contact aQity Research at 847-424-4171, ext. 231.