Hall Quarry beach receives first ever 5-star audit!

Thu July 21, 2016

Hall Quarry Beach staff is proud to announce the first-ever 5-star audit at the facility! Throughout the summer, reviewers from Star Fish Aquatics Institute visit the Quarry to evaluate what goes on among lifeguards, patrons and supervisors. Reviewers watch how often the lifeguards scan the water, determine the strategies the lifeguards use to remain vigilant, and evaluate the size and features of the zones the lifeguards are assigned. Reviewers then conduct rescue scenarios to assess the facility’s emergency action plan and the competence of the staff. The review wraps up with an assessment of the risk management practices, policies, and procedures in place at the facility, and the equipment and management staff to back them up.

It is not unusual for the Quarry to receive a 4-star audit, which is still something to be very proud of. But during the July audit, staff was notified that the StarReview turned up a 5-star audit, a prestigious honor in the world of aquatics!

“Safety is my number one priority and these audits show the hard work and dedication of lifeguards and staff,” said Aquatics Supervisor Brittany Bruno, “Having a national safety organization complete these random audits and recognize staff on their hard work is a great thing. The Quarry lifeguards take these audits and real life situations very seriously. I am extremely proud of the staff and how they conduct themselves on a daily basis to keep our community safe!”

Hall Quarry Beach is a proud facility of the Batavia Park District. For more information, please visit bataviaparks.org.