Indoor Facility Feedback Wanted at Public Workshop

Thu September 26, 2019

Batavia, IL- The Batavia Park District is calling out to residents to help build the future of Batavia, not just for themselves, but for future generations to come.

In 2018, aQity Research & Insights presented the Batavia Park District Board with the community-wide needs assessment results. Residents received several response options such as online, phone, or a mailed questionnaire between September and November 2017. Focus groups were also conducted as part of the assessment. The goal was to obtain at least 300 completed surveys from Batavia households and this goal was far exceeded with 761 responses! The level of confidence is 95% with a margin error of +/- 3.5%.

While the District was excited for the volume of feedback, the desire to conduct more in-depth discussions was the next step. From late May through mid-June 2019, the Batavia Park District and Park Board embarked on a Listening Tour at seven different locations throughout Batavia. The goal was to gather feedback on what residents love and what they would love to improve upon when it comes to District amenities. Staff thanks all the residents who spoke up and attended the meetings, to help shape future projects.

The public is now invited to continue the conversation at a special workshop to share more about they would like to see in an indoor recreational activity center on Tuesday, October 8 at 6:30 pm, located at the Batavia Civic Center, 327 W. Wilson Street.  A brief presentation at 6:30 pm will follow with a round table discussion on the type of amenities the public would like to see in a potential indoor facility. The Batavia Civic Center will also be open to tour during the workshop.

For more information, or to view the Community Survey Assessment Results and Listening Tour results, visit or call 630-879-5235.