More Than 100 Women Show Fox Valley Special Recreation How Much they Care

Mon February 5, 2018

 AURORA, ILLINOIS – On Monday, January 15, 2018, the Fox Valley Special Recreation Association and Foundation (FVSRA and FVSRF) received a surprise visit from 100 Women Who Care Fox Valley.  Marching in with a giant check that evening, members of the local philanthropic organization presented FVSRF with more than $12,000 in funding to help provide new programming at FVSRA.

Four times a year, 100 Women Who Care Fox Valley meet for an hour and each member brings a $100 check. Each attendee has an opportunity to nominate a worthy Kane County non-for-profit organization and each nomination is put into a “hat.” Three nominations are pulled out and those who nominated the three organizations have five minutes to persuade the other members to vote for their charity to receive the funds collected. When the presentations are completed, each member casts a vote for a winning charity. At the Monday, January 8th meeting, Sandra Jelm nominated FVSRF, and her nomination was selected for presentation. Nancy Vaughn, an FVSRF Board member, was in the audience and presented the case for funding FVSRF along with Jelm.

Theoni Limouris, Co-founder of 100 Women Who Care Fox Valley, said that “Every woman in our organization has a relationship with an adult or child with special needs. Whether that relationship is with a neighbor, a co-worker’s family member or her own family, each of us knows someone… When it came to voting time, we all thought of that one special person...and voted in his or her honor.  I know I did.”

Executive Director of FVSRA, Carolyn Nagle, says “I was surprised and truly humbled by this amazing generosity.” She continued to share that FVSRA intends to utilize the funds for a long-planned Sensory Room. “The Sensory Room will be designed to stimulate, relax, calm or energize an individual just by altering the different aspects of the environment. We’ll focus on visual, tactile, olfactory, auditory, vestibular and proprioception sensory environments, which can increase concentration, focus, and improve alertness mobilization, creativity, communication and overall awareness.  On the individual level, children and adults with special needs will utilize this room as another therapy opportunity, focusing on sensory input or removal. On the organizational level, this room will be available for use by other community groups such as schools, therapy providers, and other organizations serving individuals with special needs.”

The Fox Valley Special Recreation Foundation (FVSRF) was created to support the mission of the Fox Valley Special Recreation Association (FVSRA). The FVSRF is an Illinois not-for-profit corporation, and a recognized tax-exempt organization under Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code (Tax ID No. 01-0974935). FVSRA was formed in 1976 and is an extension of the Batavia, Fox Valley, Geneva, Oswegoland, St. Charles, Sugar Grove Park Districts, and South Elgin Parks and Recreation Department to provide year round recreational activities to enable residents with disabilities to experience active, healthy and playful lifestyles. Programs are designed to include opportunities that will enhance skill development and socialization, encourage self-awareness and community exploration, promote independence through personal choice of least restrictive environments, and provide a sense of enjoyment, satisfaction and fulfillment. The mission of FVSRA is to enrich the lives of people with disabilities. Working collaboratively with member agencies and community partners, we pledge to put PEOPLE FIRST. To learn more about FVSRA and FVSRF, please contact Jamie Spiva, Foundation Manager, at 630-907-1114 or visit and

100 Women Who Care Fox Valley encourages women’s involvement in philanthropy and makes a significant difference in local community. Each year the organization gives away 100% of the funds raised by its membership to four worthy nonprofits using membership nomination and voting. To learn more about 100 Women Who Care Fox Valley, please visit