WellBatavia Hosting Weekly Free Health Seminars During May

Thu April 26, 2018

Batavia, IL- This May, local wellness experts present free weekly seminars leading up to the second annual WellBatavia Festival on June 2, 2018. The seminars are intended to increase the impact of the WellBatavia Initiative, a year-round effort to promote healthy behaviors through partnerships and policy and make health resources and knowledge accessible to all. 

The weekly seminars will follow the same themes as the Festival’s villages, keeping in line with the Initiatives multi-faceted approach to wellness: Holistic, Healthy World/Healthy Home, Healthy Practices, and Fitness.

“Health is how we take care of our bodies, our minds, and our spirits. How we feel impacts the communities around us, and the health of our surroundings, in turn, affects our health.  Our seminars are designed to touch on each link in the chain,” says Sarah Greenhagen, chair of the WellBatavia Festival.

Below is a full schedule. Each lecture takes place at 7 pm at the Tea Tree in Batavia unless otherwise noted.  

May 3: Know Pain, Know Gain: Tools to Live your Life   

Presented by: Sarah Greenhagen and Jason Robinson, Owners of Catalyst Physiotherapy

Pain is an experience that is as deeply unique and individual as you are. Its origins take root in our memories, thoughts, emotions, and experiences and can produce life-altering realities for many of us who struggle with pain daily or periodically. This seminar will discuss pain, its origins, and development as well as tools based on current research to manage persistent pain and help you live your life.

May 10: Optimal Health and Wellness

Presented by Joe Kin, owner of Physical Therapy Advantage Optimal

Are you experiencing lower energy levels? Have you been dealing with a nagging pain for several months? Have you gained a few extra “unwanted” pounds?  Are you wanting to start working out or gain control of your workouts and life again? This interactive seminar will offer you an opportunity to learn about the multiple aspects of health (nutrition, sleep, posture/physical, stress reduction/mental) and how to begin that lifelong transformation of Optimal Health and Wellness. You will walk away with a few simple action items and resources to help you start gaining control of your life.

May 17: Yoga for Stress Management

Presented by Andrew and Crystal Krause, owners of Power Moves Yoga

This seminar is devoted to understanding stress and how it is held in your body and is for anyone looking to alleviate stress in their lives. Over time, stress can cause ailments that interfere with daily living.  During our time together, we cover relaxation strategies, restorative yoga movements, and mindful breathing techniques aimed to avoid the onset of and reduce the effects of stress.

May 24: Nutrition: Fuel Your Body- Fuel Your Life

Presented by Lisa Kyle, Wellness Coordinator

We all strive to lead a more balanced life. We work hard, but we want to play hard, too. We balance jobs and schoolwork with our other responsibilities, such as family. And somewhere between couch potato and gym rat, there must be a middle ground. For many, eating "right" is the most difficult balancing act of all, yet it is the most important!  How we eat affects how we look and feel, and how well-equipped we are to bring balance to other parts of our lives.  Without a plan, your goal for balance and good health will not be met. Invest some time to learn how to make one simple change at a time to help achieve that balance. Walk away with a plan and other useful resources.  FREE Guide and Cookbook to all in attendance! 

May 31: Become an Electric Car Driver!

Presented by the Batavia Environmental Commission and Fox Valley Electric Auto Association

Takes place in the circle parking lot of City Hall, near the newly installed EV Charging Station

Join the Batavia Environmental Commission (BEC) and the Fox Valley Electric Auto Association (FVEAA) for an outdoor electric car show featuring Batavia’s first EV charging station! The event will take place in the parking lot of City Hall and feature a presentation by Michael Willuweit- Batavia resident, EV driver, and President of the FVEAA. Michael will discuss the why, when, what and how of EVs, as well as the benefits, incentives and educational resources available to interested buyers.  The car show will feature many of the electric vehicles in production today, and attendees will get the chance to speak one on one with the owners about the driving experience, maintenance, and charging infrastructure.

The Tea Tree is located at 29 N. River Street in Batavia.  Registration is recommended but not required. To register or read more about the seminars, Festival or Initiative, go towww.wellbatavia.com. For questions, email sarah@catalystpts.com.



The WellBatavia Initiative is a community action committee working to promote healthy behaviors through partnerships and policy and make health resources and knowledge accessible to all. The team is comprised of local experts and activists in the fields of fields of health, environmental science, planning and economics, who understand that health is the way we interact with ourselves, our neighbors and the environment. For more information, please visit www.wellbatavia.com or call 815.793.7550.

Batavia MainStreet is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization working to enhance, promote and revitalize Downtown Batavia as the heart of the community through dedicated volunteer efforts. For more information, please visit www.DowntownBatavia.com or call (630) 761-3528.