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Facing Your Fitness Fears-Just Start!

Tue January 14, 2020

It’s a new year and time to set fresh goals for yourself. There is something extra special about starting a new decade and thinking about how to become the person you want to be. You may have noticed many folks sharing stories on social media or in holiday letters, outlining how far they have come or what they have accomplished in the past 10 years. Defining how much you have changed and grown is a healthy exercise and it’s a wonderful time of the year for reflection.

Each January also marks the time when the Park District rolls out its annual theme. I like to think that the theme sets the tone for the year and this year’s theme is “Discover your piece of the puzzle!” Puzzles are most commonly known as numerous interlocking pieces that assemble together to produce a complete picture. Batavia residents and all the organizations that make up the community are much the same.

Staff asks this year that you reflect on how each of us represents a unique piece of the ‘community puzzle’ and how we fit together to make up the whole. There is a lot of strength that comes with how the pieces fit together and support each other. And it’s that kind of support that makes our goals possible.

One of my personal goals in 2020 is to be more active and take advantage of our wonderful fitness programs at the Park District. It can be scary to start a new habit and it’s easy to come up with excuses on why it’s not the right time to start. I’m too busy; I’m not coordinated enough; I’ll embarrass myself.   

But every single time I ignore that negative thought pattern and I do show up, I am so glad that I do.

I recently spoke with Fitness Supervisor, Kathy Freedland, and asked her why so many people find it challenging to just start

“A lot of people are afraid to join a fitness class because they have a fear of fitting in and a fear of not being fit enough to work out in a group fitness class. Those fears quickly disappear within the first few minutes of attending one of our classes. The instructors, as well as the veteran patrons, are all welcoming. We really are quite family-like.”

Kathy is full of tips for helping others achieve their fitness goals and that’s part of why she makes our fitness programs such an enjoyable experience. The Park District prides itself on being able to serve all fitness levels.

“Working out with a partner or an exercise buddy makes one accountable. I like to remind people that we just don't brush our teeth once in a while. It's a lifelong habit to hold on to those teeth. It's the same for our bodies. We need to keep moving and stay active. We can't trade in our bodies like we would trade in a car when it starts to have issues. We need to keep our body engines going so they don't fail us. Not only is exercise good for our bodies, but for our minds and overall wellbeing. Exercise is the fountain of youth!”

It just takes a willingness to start- whether it’s a goal at home, at work, with your health, or in the community. By just starting you are discovering your strengths and valuing the strengths in others. We can achieve so much more together.

To learn more about our fitness programs, how you can “discover your piece of the puzzle” and conquer your goals this year, click the "Register Now" button at