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New Places to Play

Wed August 19, 2020

The Batavia Park District is proud to have a Playground Replacement Program in place. The program allows for the replacement of each playground on an average rotation of 15 years. Each year, a Public Input Meeting is held in December, allowing residents to vote on which playground design they prefer for their neighborhood park. In 2020, Levi Newton Park and Wind Energy Park received new, vibrant, and colorful playgrounds.

Levi Newton Park
  • Located at 1S020 West Mallory Drive, Geneva
  • Also known as the 'Fish Park' to the neighbors
  • Features a ten foot tall mega tower, electric piano panel, animal sound board, Alex's Lemonade Stand, and fish ladders
wind energy PARK
  • Located at 850 Wind Energy Pass, Batavia
  • Features several climbing features, including the Jax Star Climber with large climbing surfaces and the Cyclo Cone Plus Climber for climbing and spinning at the same time.

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