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Votes on your favorite snowman are in!

Tue March 8, 2022

It's the headstand snowman for the win!

After a week of voting that began March 1 on Facebook, Merrick and Lexi's outstanding snowman won the People's Choice award with 172 votes.

This adorable snowman capitalized on their creativity and attention to detail, from the boots pointing skyward to the jaunty top hat on the snow near the branch serving as his hand. A vibrant red scarf looped around his neck completed his winter ensemble. The snowman's smile nearly matches the giggly grins shared by Merrick and Lexi.

Snowman Building Contest 2022 People's Choice award winning photo

Four other entries were submitted by the Feb. 28 deadline for the Snowman Building Contest. The Jones family garnered 67 votes; Avery received 57 votes; the Sage family received 28 votes; and Matthew drew 26 votes.

Awards also were given in the categories of Most Creatively Accessorized and Best Snow Creature.

Avery's snowwoman named "Emma," which is wearing Avery's sister's winter gear, took home the award for Most Creatively Accessorized. This cute snowwoman is decked out in brightly colored gloves, along with a fashionable hat and scarf.

Snowman Building Contest 2022 Most Creatively Accessorized winner photo

Winning the award for Best Snow Creature is the Sage family for their snowy rendition of the throwback arcade game, PAC-MAN. The featured character, PAC-MAN, and those pesky ghosts wound endlessly through the maze as video game players vied for the chance to best their friends while PAC-MAN gobbled up the "power pellets" and (tried) to avoid those ghosts.

A unique feature of this creation was its ability to glow in the dark in certain portions of each character.

Snowman Building Contest 2022 Best Snow Creature winner photo

Thank you to everyone who participated in this fun and frosty Snowman Building Contest. Your creativity was so cool.