Dog Basic Obedience
You and your dog will learn the basic obedience commands (heel, sit, stay, come, down, and down stay) but the class is so much more than that!

Agility 101: For Fun
If you're not sure how your dog will take to agility but interested in trying, this class is for you! We will cover a selection of obstacles and move at a slow pace for those just starting out.

Agility 202
For those who excelled in Agility 101, this course will add a few more difficult obstacles as well as elaborate on those taught in the first class.

Celebrate your furry friend’s birthday with the Batavia Park District. Enjoy two hours of fun! Coordinators will lead interactive exercises, such as puzzle games and activities with enrichment toys. Enjoy both indoor and outdoor space for humans and pet pals. Joni the fun all year round! Pets will enjoy treats, pack walks, and more.

Please contact us at 630-389-2066 for more information.

Bricks, benches, and agility equipment are available for purchase, and those can be placed in the Bark Park. Prices for these items range from $100-$1500 for bricks and benches, with prices varying on the agility equipment. If interested in purchasing any items, please complete the Pet Memorial Application and submit to the Batavia Park District office.

West Main Community Park is home to the Bark Park, a three acre, fencing in space for your four-legged friend to run off leash. It is located at 40W101 W. Main Street. A small pavilion and agility equipment pieces are located within the boundaries of the Bark park, and a swimming pool is just west of the park. Dogs can be off-leash within the Bark Park and while swimming, but they must be leased throughout the rest of West Main. No permit is required to enter the Bark Park which is open year-round.