Tumbling and Cheer

Tumbling and cheerleading classes are a great way for your child to experience a variety of physical activities. The format of our preschool tumbling classes is a combination of general movement education and specific gymnastics skills. This format also lends itself to the social development of the child.

Our trained staff uses safe, progressive, and positive teaching techniques appropriate for each age level. Our educated staff is well aware of the importance that music plays in the learning process. Children exposed to music in a learning environment tend to have an easier time with subjects such as math, reading, and foreign languages. Music is an integral part of our program.

For more information, contact us at 630-879-5235 and speak to Kathy Freedlund for preschool tumbling and Bethanne LaFleur for tumbling and cheer. 

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Tumblers – Leotards, fitted t-shirts, or shorts. No buttons, zippers, or jewelry. Hair pulled back from face.

Cheerleaders – Tennis shoes, shorts, and t-shirts. Jewelry is not allowed and hair is to be pulled back away from face for all classes.