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Washington Park playground design options

Washington Park has been in existence since before 1969, when the Park District was created. Since 2000, the Park District has been, on average, renovating its playgrounds every 15 years. Now it's Washington Park's turn! It long has been a practice of the Park District to gain input from neighboring residents regarding a project such as this. Therefore, the Batavia Park District invited residents to help select the design for new playground equipment to be installed at Washington Park during 2022. Voting closed at 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, December 14.
And the winner is ... Option 2, Kompan!
Pie chart of Washington Park playground voting results
*Benches and picnic tables will continue to be provided at this park, along with additional landscaping, a sensory garden and fabric shade structure for park users to enjoy at this site.

Washington Park Option 2

Thank you to the 158 individuals who cast their votes! Option 2 garnered 65.8% of the votes, Option 3 received 24.1% of the votes, and Option 1 obtained 10.1% of the votes.

Playground design options
There were two additional playground design options. They are as follows:
Option 1
Washington Park Option 1
Option 3
Washington Park Option 3
Please feel free to check out this park, which is located at 401 N. Washington Ave.

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