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The Batavia Depot Museum offers a variety of programming for all ages throughout the year. Check out fun ways to learn more about the history of Batavia!

Spring/Summer 2022 Exhibits: Refraction: Finding Identity and Inspiring Expression
Open March through July

"Refraction: Finding Identity" delves into the changing norms of identity and celebrates the stories of Batavians who have forged their own paths throughout our history. Do you know if it was great-grandfather, or his sister, wearing that beautiful gown in the family portrait as a young child? Which first lady cemented the idea of pink for girls and blue for boys? You'll uncover those answers and learn so much more!

"Inspiring Expression" demonstrates how Batavians of all skills levels from the prehistoric period to the present day have used visual arts to express themselves and their view of the world. Visitors will have the unique opportunity to look inside the Museum's collection of rarely seen visual artworks, which were created and treasured by Batavians!

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Special Events: Spring Opening Reception

Friday, March 4, from 5:00-7:00 pm

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Please join Batavia Depot Museum staff for a special viewing of our two spring exhibits, "Refraction: Finding Identity" and "Inspiring Expression," during our Spring Opening Reception. This special event will be hosted at the Batavia Depot Museum. The Museum campus is located at 155 Houston St. along the lovely Batavia Riverwalk. This event is free, and provides an opportunity to speak with staff about these exceptional exhibits.

"Refraction" is a groundbreaking exhibit that delves into the changing norms of identity, clothing styles, and how so much of LGBTQ+ history remains silenced because of self-censorship and bias. "Inspiring Expression" is an eclectic display showing how Batavians used visual arts to express themselves throughout time. Many of the visual artworks on display rarely have been seen, but are quite remarkable.

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Mamie eisenhower: the hostess in chief

Sunday, May 15, 3:00-4:00 pm
*The Lodge at Laurelwood, 800 N. River St.

When Mamie Eisenhower - with her reputation as the ideal homemaker, Army wife, mother, and grandmother - wore a delicate, spangled-pink gown to her husband, Ike's, Inaugural Ball, it inspired homemakers everywhere and christened Mamie Pink as the height of domestic femininity. During this one-hour engaging portrayal, you can visit with Mamie, sample her favorite fudge recipe, and learn about her life. Find out what it was like living in Panama and the Philippines between the world wars and about her loving relationship with Ike, which weathered horrible rumors and long separations. And oh! Those bangs!
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