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Callahan Community Center Exterior Rendering Concept

The Patrick J. Callahan Community Center is set to open in 2027. Purchased by the park district in 2021, the 12,940 square-foot office building will be completely renovated to make it fully accessible to residents with 8,480 square feet dedicated to meet the community's needs for indoor recreation spaces for children, teens, and adults in a variety of programming areas. The remaining 4,460 square feet will include Batavia Park District administrative offices and Batavia Depot Museum exhibits, offices and maker spaces.

Centrally located in the heart of downtown Batavia and connected to the Fox River Trail, the community center is adjacent to the Batavia Riverwalk, a paddleboat launch, bathrooms, a boardwalk and a playground. Situated between two bike trails and Routes 31 and 25, it is easily accessible by car and bike.

Patrick J. Callahan Community Center FAQ

How will the project be paid for?
  • In addition to utilizing the Park District's existing fund balances and cash reserves, the Park District was awarded $2.8 million for the project as part of the State of Illinois' Park and Recreational Facility Construction (PARC) grant program. The Batavia Historical Society has also made a one-time donation of $430,000 towards the project.
Will this project result in an increase to my property taxes?
  • No, since the project is being funded by the PARC grant and the Park District's existing fund balances there is no need for a referendum or increase to the District's tax levy.
How much will the project cost?
  • Construction is estimated to cost approximately $5.9 million.
When will the project be completed?
  • Construction will begin in January 2024 and be completed in December 2025.
What will the Community Center be used for?
  • A variety of recreational programming, including a community room, a gathering place for active older adults, enrichment programs for children, and multi-purpose spaces. The Depot Museum will also have dedicated collection storage space as well as a museum lab for our curator to assemble exhibits. Batavia Access Television will also be housed in the new building.
When was the building purchased?
  • The building was purchased in September 2021 utilizing existing fund balances for $930,000. After closing costs with credits included, the net amount paid was $907,667.
Why did the Park District purchase the building?
  • The purchase and project was inspired by feedback from listening tours, community engagement surveys, and focus groups. This multigenerational facility will serve the needs for a variety of ages. The Park District developed a plan to meet the recreational needs of Batavia that would be within our means and without the need for additional debt issuance.
Why is it called the Callahan Community Center?
  • On March 21, 2023, the Park Board voted to name the new facility the Patrick J. Callahan Community Center in honor of Board President Pat Callahan, who has served on the board for 25 years as of 2023.
More questions?
  • Contact Allison Niemela, Batavia Park District Executive Director at 630-879-5235 ext. 2017 or

Project timeline

Design and Review Phase
  • Project start - Mid April 2023
  • Project end - End of 2023
Clearing of building
  • Project start - Mid July 2023
Asbestos abatement
  • Project start - Mid November 2023
  • Completion - Mid December 2023
Project Bidding
  • Project start - Spring 2024
  • Project start - Spring 2024
  • Completion - Fall 2025
Photos will be available as the project progresses.