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Fidler Farm Park

2921 Savannah Dr. Aurora, IL

  • 28 acres
  • Barn
  • Playground
  • Picnic Shelter

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In the early1860s the Fidler family established their home on this site. From that time they have been the sole owners of this property. In 1995 the land was sold and subdivided for housing. Wanting to preserve some of the rich heritage of the site, the new owners of the land approached the Park District with a unique proposal. They were willing to preserve the farm buildings, which included the original home and barn built by the Fidlers, if the District would be willing to accept them as part of the developer's land donation obligations. The District readily accepted. Not only did the developer's donation include the land and buildings it also included a 23 acre parcel of reconstructed wetland. This area will play an integral part in outdoor education programs. In 2001 a large playground was installed as was a picnic shelter. In 2003 the district renovated the barn to a condition closer to original. Both of these amenities carry forward the "farm" theme of the site. No solid plans have been developed yet for the remainder of the property but the community can rest assured that careful consideration will be given to how this important part of Batavia's history will be developed.

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