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It's time to become a healthier, happier you! Our qualified fitness instructors are passionate about helping participants reach their weight loss or fitness goals. Classes include Yoga, Zumba, Shape & Tone, Tabata, Step & Tone, TRX and more.

For more information, contact Kathy Freedlund at 630-879-5235 or contact us.

Fitness Classes

Kathy Freedlund

For me, it's all about HOPE. Helping Other People Exercise. We all want to be healthy. There are so many advantages to keeping the body moving.

Here at Batavia, our classes are judgment-free and noncompetitive. It's all about helping the individual improve both their mental & physical health, whether it's through fitness classes or yoga classes. All are beneficial to our minds & bodies. That's why I LOVE being part of the team!

I am nationally certified in fitness & water fitness have my 500-hour yoga certification through NACYT. I completed the Therapeutic Yoga for Seniors Professional Training at the Duke Center for Integrative medicine. My specialty is yoga for baby boomers & up. We are proud of the years of experience & continued furthering of our education, shown by all of our seasoned fitness instructors.

Pat Heun

I've been doing fitness classes for almost 18 years & teach weights/resistance training including TRX & cardio/boot camp/interval training. I initially started coming to BPD with a friend when the Park District was introducing step aerobics. My friend dropped out & I kept coming because I enjoyed exercising. I saw a huge improvement in my stamina, sleep & stress levels, & it also gave me ``gobs'' of energy. I wanted everyone could feel the same way, so I became an instructor at the age of 50. It's such a pleasure to teach at BPD - both the instructors & patrons are wonderful to work with!

Maureen McGee

There's no place like home, that's the Batavia Park District for me! I was once a participant in a variety of classes and now I am teaching a variety of classes. I am certified in group fitness by NETA and I hold a certification in TRX Group Training, Piloxing, Kettle Bell, and Barre Group Fitness.
I'm glad to be an instrument in helping others achive their fitness goals.

Kathyrn Siegel

I have been interested in fitness classes ever since the late 1970's when I used to go to aerobics classes with my parents! After that I collected all the Jane Fonda videos and then Denise Austin. When I finally moved to Batavia, I joined the Park District classes. I took Shape and Tone, Yoga, and eventually Zumba! Here is where I went to my first Zumba Fitness class and fell in love with it! I followed the Instructor around to many classes and noticed I was up to 8-10 classes a week! That's when I decided to get certified to be a Zumba Fitness Instructor. It was 10-11-12. Since then, I've continued my education by going to more training, masterclasses, jam sessions, and the International Zumba Convention in Orlando 3 times. Today I'm teaching 8 classes a week at 3 different locations all in Batavia. I love it!

Sherri Clark

Staying strong and fit helps me both physically and mentally in all aspects of life. I was first certified through ACE and then NETA 32 years ago and have enjoyed my small part in passing that feeling on to others through class instruction.

Mishelle O'Regan

As a plus-size yogi, I believe that Yoga is truly meant for anyone! If you can breathe, you can practice. I have always been taught - and firmly believe that yoga is about function over form. Meaning, just because you may or may not be able to reach the same depth as your neighbor, it doesn't mean you aren't reaping the same benefits as they are. Yoga for me is all about modifications and finding what fits best for your body. I began my yoga journey in 2013 as a student in the Batavia community. It wasn't until I developed my practice that I found myself and my true calling - to become a yoga teacher. Yoga absolutely liberated me and a few short years into my practice I began my 200-HR teacher training program at Ganesha Yoga & Adventures in Fitness in Chicago, Illinois. Upon graduating, I worked closely with Curvy Yoga's Founder; Anna Guest-Jelley where I learned even more modifications for all body types and became a Certified Curvy Yoga Instructor. While it's important to know that you may not fall in love with yoga your very first practice, I believe everyone deserves health and happiness!

Dennis Kintrop

A lifelong resident of Batavia,Dennis completed his 200 hour yoga training at Prairie Yoga. His kind, gentle manner shows in his teachings. He is also certified in teaching cycling classes.
Dennis was instrumental in organizing & building of the Riverwalk in Batavia. His love of this community and the positive energy he brings to his yoga classes shows in each class he teaches.
Dennis holds a summer outdoor yoga class on the Riverwalk in downtown Batavia- his work on the Batavia Riverwalk has come full circle!

Winter 2020 Fitness Schedule

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**CC Bart Room *** ESCC Shannon Hall

Spring 2020 Fitness Schedule

Spring 2020 Fitness Schedule

**CC Bart Room ***ESCC Shannon Hall

All classes are held in the Civic Center Gym unless indicated otherwise. Individual classes are subject to cancelation if minimum number of participants are not enrolled.

reach your personal best

Have you been looking to make positive changes both physically and mentally? We have personalized programs to help you achieve your goals! To schedule a date and time, please contact Kathy Freedlund at or 630-389-2012.

Nutritional COunseling

  • One-on-one nutritional counseling
  • Learn how to change your eating habits
  • Sessions are one hour
  • 1 session is $45, 5 sessions are $200

personal training

  • Learn how to work out safely and effectively
  • Assess your fitness level
  • Obtain your goals
  • Sessions are one hour
  • 1 session is $45, 5 sessions are $200

Life coaching

  • Let us help you with good decision making
  • Learn to balance work and home life
  • Become more productive
  • Make lifestyle changes
  • Sessions are one hour
  • 1 session is $45, 5 sessions are $200