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The New Horizons program is designed to provide an opportunity for social and emotional growth as well as a beginning adjustment to a more formal school experience. The program is based on the philosophy that children learn more through play. Play provides opportunities for children of all abilities to participate in common activities, yet allows for success and mastery. This is paramount in the foundation of self-esteem and self-confidence. A knowledgeable staff works together to provide a safe and happy environment. Parent involvement in the classroom is encouraged!

Program Takeaways:

  • Language, listening, and speaking activities
  • Art and sensory activities
  • Social skills with conflict resolution
  • Science and math skills
  • Problem-solving techniques

Young 3s Program:

  • For a first away-from-parent experience
  • Emphasis on socialization skills
  • Pull-ups are allowed in this class only. Parents must be available to change their child.
  • Children must be 3 by January 1, 2025, to be in this program.

Prekindergarten Class:

  • Designed for children with late birthdays or who need another year of growth.
  • Curriculum includes activities in pre-reading, writing, hands-on math, science, cooking, and more.
  • All students must be potty trained.
  • Children must be age 5 by January 1, 2025.

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For more details, please contact Bethanne Guidarelli at 630-406-5282, or contact us.

What will the preschool day look like?

We expect the preschool experience to include the same kinds of activities our families want - lots of time to play and socialize, dance, fun projects, and lots of outside time whenever possible. We strongly believe that children learn through play, and we will continue to work to provide rich and engaging opportunities!

What will drop-off and pick-up be like?

Parents and caregivers are asked to drop off and pick up their children in the classroom.

What about separation anxiety?

Separation anxiety is very normal, and we recognize that our circumstances are unique and and might make this more challenging. Staff will be able to hold students' hands to walk them into the building but will not be able to carry them in. If your child is having a difficult time, we may ask that you move on and circle back into the line. We may also ask that you wait in the parking lot to ensure your child is able to adjust. If separation is challenging for your child, please be patient and know that we understand and will do everything we can to work with you.

Will the preschoolers use lockers?

Yes, each student will still have a locker to store their personal belongings while they are in class.

How will toys be kept clean?

We will strive to still provide a wide variety of toys for students to play with each day, but we will limit the amount and vary the options daily to keep it interesting. We won't use toys that can't be easily cleaned, such as plush or fabric. We'll be washing hands before and after center time play. As we play, we'll have specific places for dirty toys and ask the children to be detectives and help us in identifying what is used and needs to be cleaned. Toys will be disinfected daily and throughout the day as needed.

Will classes still get to spend time in different rooms for different parts of the day?

Yes, we will continue to rotate between classrooms to allow all children the chance to experience all parts of the preschool day and to keep us active and moving. We will wash and sanitize hands each time we transition. Classes will not overlap or share the same space together.

How will the playground time be handled?

We will be limiting the playground to one class at a time. We will wash our hands before and after playground play. We will disinfect high-touch surfaces daily. The same guidelines will apply when we are in the gym instead of on the playground.

What about snack?

We know those little bodies work hard and get hungry, so we hope to continue to include snack as part of our day. Children will have assigned days to provide snack, but all food distribution will be handled only by staff using appropriate safety guidelines. All snack items must be prepackaged. Children will be spaced to provide social distancing while eating.

What happens if a child shows symptoms of illness during the day?

If participants begin to show symptoms during preschool, staff will isolate the child and parents will be called for immediate pick-up. The participant must have no fever for 48 hours.

What can parents do to help us get ready?

Practice hand washing at home. Focus NOT on what will be different or hard about preschool but on the parts that will be exciting, new and fun. Finally, make sure your child knows how very excited we are to welcome them soon!

Preschool Teachers 2023

Our amazing Head Teachers and Assistants

about the head teachers:

Kristi Bertie
Education: B.A. in Elementary Education, Masters Degree in Education, National Board Certified Teacher, 17 years of Teaching experience, 3rd year at New Horizons Preschool. Classes Young 3's
Elizabeth Czekajlo
Education: B.S. in Elementary Education from the University of Dayton, Substitute preschool teacher at Batavia Nursery School for three years. Worked in the special education department for the Wheaton School District. Classes: 3's & 4's
Kaylee Gallagher
Education: B.S. in Education from Illinois State University, Kaylee has been a teacher at New Horizons preschool since 1997 and has been teaching for more than 30 years. Classes: Young 3's and 3's
Laurie Musielak
Education: B.A. in Business Administration from North Central College, Laurie has been a teacher at New Horizons Preschool since 2007 and has worked as Assistant and Head Teacher. Classes: 4 day 4's, Pre-K
Heather Wnek
Education: B.A. in Elementary Education and M.A. in Curriculum & Instruction, both from North Central College, Heather was previously a substitute teacher for New Horizons and has been teaching for 11 years. Classes: 3's and 4's
Gail Zwaska
Education: B.S. in Elementary Education from Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College and Masters degree from Indiana University. She previously taught 2's, 3's and 4's for Creative Play Preschool at Fox Valley Park District. Classes 4 day 4's

Please call 630-406-5282 to inquire about class openings.

Registration for the 2024-2025 School Year

Registration for residents opens Monday, February 5 and Nonresident registration opens Monday, March 4.

Parents must register their own children. Parents may register their child either in person at Civic Center or Eastside Community Center or online. A $20 nonrefundable registration fee and the correct deposit are due at the time of registration. Children must be potty trained to register for New Horizons. Pull-Ups-style training pants only are permissible in our Young 3s class.

Register online here

Monthly Fees & Times for School Year 2024-2025

Monthly payments are due the first day of the month, September through May. A $10 late fee will be assessed after the 1st of the month. The New Horizons school year runs from early September to the end of May. If snow days are used during the school year, those days will not be made up.

Beginning August 1, 2024, a 50% refund will be provided to parents who decide to drop after registration.

Program Age Day Time Fee Deposit
Young 3s Age 3 by 1/1/25 W 9:15-11:15 am $125 $125 + $20 = $145
3s AM session Age 3 by 9/1/24 Tu/Th 9:30-11:45 am $165 $165 + $20 = $185
3s PM session Age 3 by 9/1/24 Tu/Th 12:30-2:45 pm $165 $165 + $20 = $185
4 Year Old AM session Age 4 by 9/1/24 M/W/F 9:15-11:45 am $205 $205 + $20 = $225
4 Year Old PM session Age 4 by 9/1/24 M/W/F 12:30-3:00 pm $205 $205 + $20 = $225
4 Day/4 Year Old Age 4 by 9/1/24 M/Tu/Th/F 9:15-11:45 am $255 $255 + $20 = $275
5 Year Old (Pre-K) Age 5 by 1/1/25 M/Tu/Th/F 12:30-3:15 pm $275 $275 + $20 = $295

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